Lemon Balm

Lots of plant pots


Woolly Thyme
Woolly Thyme

we went to  a local garden center and bought a LOT of plants! We got home and me and mama bird planted them in a  terracotta pots. When we were at the garden center we also bought a HUGE bag of soil that daddy bird had to lift because me nor mama bird couldnt lift it. while planting we watered the plants BEFORE we repotted them to make it easier to get them out of there current homes of plastic pots.We discovered that our old chocolate mint was still ‘alive’ and kept it in its pot, we think it might b diseased though. I didn’t use gloves and got soil EVERYWERE an even though its several days later now to when we did repot the plants; my finger nails are still dirty with mud!




Handpicked lavender from Carshaltob

Lavender picking in Carshalton

Lavender field in Carshalton
Picking Lavender in Carshalton

We went lavender picking in Carshalton, and brought home two large bundles of it. We spent the best part of two hours chopping and snipping a way at bush after bush after bush! There was lots of bees we had to steer clear of them, a few even hung around our bucket while we worked! I took my camera and snapped a few shots as I went, so they could be uploaded for you to see them =^-^=!  It was a nice day which was good for bees and photos alike and our coats went unused.  We paid for our lavender and walked round the different stalls that were there; selling different merchandise, and bought a potted lavender plant (that we will probably kill), honey from all those bees and a small bottle of lavender oil. We had a chat with a lady about how you make the oil and was shortly on our way, with our brains considerably more full with facts about bees and lavender.

Home made Peg bag

Home made peg bag
Home made peg bag designed by Littlebird

Littlebird. I made a peg bag because our current one was old and broken. I didn’t have enough of the leaf patterned fabric so I combined two different fabrics on the pocket. If you wanted to make it I would advise ( to make it simpler) to only use one piece of fabric.

First, fold the top two corners into the middle so they met ( just to check that they do)

Patterned and plain fabric for peg bag
Patterned and plain fabric for peg bag

then hemmed the two long sides to form the back  piece. Fold  the top corners again and hand sew them together from  about 5 cm from the top point. Now, stitch on a different smaller piece ( about half the size of the Back) meeting the bottom of the pocket piece with the bottom of the back piece by placing it right sides together then turning inside out. Slip a baby clothes hanger in and fill with pegs and your done! Enjoy your new peg bag.

ME!!! (Littlebird)
Hi hope you enjoy. Littlebird.

Home made pizzas for lunch



Home made Pizzas
Home made pizzas


Today we had just enough time to make home made Pizzas.

While you can get ready made pizza bases, using the ciabatta bread mix is just as easy.

It takes a little longer to prepare, but making the dough yourself for the pizza bases mamummy_snipkes the home made pizzas taste better as the dough is freshly made and bakes really well.

Follow the instructions on the chiabatta bread mix pack, adding warm water to the flour and using the dough mixer attachment for a whisk, mix thoroughly.

Leave the mix to prove so that it rises. It usually doubles in size.

Divide the mix in half. One half can be baked to make rolls or dough balls.

The other half, divide into 4 equal balls of dough and roll out.

For the sauce, this was just a tin of tomato puree sieved to remove some of the juice. It can be a tin of chopped tomatoes if you don’t have tinned tomato puree. Add any herbs, fresh or dry oregano or basil.

Choose the toppings. For a simple margarita pizza, just add as much grated mozzarella and grated cheddar as you like.

As we had some Gorgonzola, we put this on my pizza along with some sliced mushrooms and slices of salami.

These Pizzas bake in 15-20 minutes at 220c. Check them at around 15 minutes to see if they are done.

We received a Pizza stone for Christmas, so each Pizza went in separately, and were eaten as soon as they came out of the oven.

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Choir performing in Stantonbury Theatre
Grandad singing in a concert

On saturday me and the rest of the 🐦birdies went up to where my grandad lives for a concert. We got there just in time for tea and for me to go and set up the raffle in 🚘aunties very high new car ( it was hard to get into and out of ). Grandad got very 😬😞😕nervous. Nan myself and my aunt set it up and watched a bit of grandads rehearsal. We went back while grandad stayed and just played about for a bit. Then it was time to go when it was six o’clock.

Raffle to raise money for the choir
Raffle table with prizes

First we sold tickets to the people who were getting ready to perform ,(50p a strip in case you were wondering) then to every body else who arrived shortly after.  Grandad was brilliant.😋😍😜😝😛 The dancers were good too and it was a brilliant show altogether. As for the raffle we raised over 💷£50!!! It soon got very late and by the time we hade got HOME it was 🕐😴one o’clock thanks to dads “short cut”.

ME!!! (Littlebird)
Hi hope you enjoy. Littlebird.

Fluttering dove poem

Born from a swish of a hand

a great white dove flutters down

no place to land

mesenger of birds

born from a hankercheif

a whispered word

up on stage

as calm as can be

trapped in a cage

but totally free.

fly high,

said the man

only come down again

when you’ve had enough

so the great white dove

watched the man

amazong tricks flew out of his hand

the great white dove

then wanted a rest

he fluttered on down

to the magicians head.

ME!!! (Littlebird)
Hi hope you enjoy. Littlebird.

Cake Pops

Making Cake Pops
Making Cake Pops

I made cake pops on Sunday and (=^._.^=) Lilly wanted to help but…. cats can’t digest lactose so she was not helping. 😛 they are so tiny and fun to make (don’t wear good clothes if you want them decorated like the picture). (‘U’) smileys byzeis pams 😻


sugar+butter creamed together. Add eggs + mixed .sive 1/2 flour + mix. Add milk mix together spoon into cake moulds. Done


120g butter

150g caster sugar

1 tsb vanilla extract

2 eggs

180g self-raising flour, sieved

4 tsp milk


Preheat oven to 180 degrees or gas mark 4

bake for 15-20mins.  Use a skewer to check if they are cooked. Decorate with icing and sprinkles.


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Three coloured salad with honey & mustard dressing


This is a simple recipe, which can be varied with what ever is in the fridge and in the cupboard you have to hand.

As we had a pepper, this was the yellow.

The red ingredient was tomato, but could easily be beetroot or radishes.

For green we had lots of iceberg lettuce and cucumber.

The salad dressing is very easy to make:

1 teaspoon of runny honey

1 teaspoon of mustard – any type of mild mustard, we used whole grain as it gives the dressing a bit of texture.

One quarter of a lemon squeezed.

Virgin olive oil – I didn’t measure this, jus enough to cover the mixture and then some.

Mix together – I used just a fork for this.

Add salt to taste.

Add to the salad. That’s it. Yumm